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08-14-2021 The All Black Feather. Oh, and I spent two nights in jail week before last.

***DM THOUGHTS IN BOLD TYPE*** “You’re a dork.” WHO’S A DORK???? Jail, Christina? But, let me explain why this experience was sooo important, love. You are not embarrassed to post this? Why should I be embarrassed to post this? Everything I write in my journal/blog is the absolute truth. I could give a fuck what…

Narcissists Claiming To Be Empaths & Three Methods To Uncover The Truth

Narcissists Claiming To Be Empaths & Three Methods To Uncover The Truth https://medium.com/@apommerenk/narcissists-claiming-to-be-empaths-three-methods-to-uncover-the-truth-daf841bbe15f Well upon first glance of the pic I would say that its definitely a emotional emature women who is getting some satisfaction with her sad display of choice to communicating her feelings about things. Given the fact my opinion is somewhat compromised…

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