Was a victim to Christina Torres narrscsit and bipolar disorder and her evilness that she continues to have twords me the dildo ex boyfriend wesley minnick.

She has not told the real account of the relationship between us. She dosnt account for any of her actions and behavior that was completely narcissistic and unrashinol twords me. She dose not talk about the fact she did not work after hitting fierd from her job and also quiting her job that she got after her last job . She dosnt talk about her bipolar disorder and the stopping of taking her meds at the same time she moved in with me she changed her meds from seroquel to lithium but only took this for a month maybe but wasnt taking her disorder with any care about herself.

She does not talk about going on state disability benefits for 1whole year from mid 2018 to mid 2019. For having bipolar disorder with she claimed was the reason she was unable to work do to her dilusons and paranoid thoughts she was experiencing from not taking her meds and using drug (meth) and alchohol daily.

Done not talk about her constant accusations twords me about cheating witch she has never been able to show me or anyone else evidence of it . Because there never was any cheating on my behalf unlike her self whith was cheating on me with married men ! Her own word you can see them on her quara question and answers post to what were you thinking when you were cheating on your partner.

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