The Female Predator

Vary interesting stuff to read and think about with in comparison to my situation and my ex narcissist girlfriend who is still attacking me and hurting me .

Healing from the Narcissistic Abuser

I have posted many articles on our Facebook page about the female narcissist trying to keep you up to date, but today I am writing this article as a warning!

I believe we need a better understanding of the extreme female narcissist. One very important aspect that is overlooked in their abusive arsenal is the ability to murder! Whether it is jealousy, entitlement or needing to be the center of attention the female narcissist like her male counterpart will go after anyone they see as weak or a threat for supply.

The severe cases are something we rarely look at because we are so engrossed with all the other horrible behaviors listed by both victims and therapist alike. After all, we survived our ordeal but then you have the others, the extreme cases where the victim doesn’t survive. These are the female predators of the group who make the…

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  1. Thank you for your article. I lived with my narcissist husband for 23 years and finally got the strength to escape. No one understands unless they also have lived it too. Thank you very much ❤️

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    1. Your welcome and thank you for your kind words. It’s been the most difficult and heartbreaking experience to have to go through in my life with my ex girlfriend who has completely destroyed my life and who I was . I’m sure you can relate to the pain of this narcissist

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      1. Hello I hope you are well during this quorinten lockdown period. I’m was hopeful this blog would get my luck to chang with getting Christina Torres to stop ignoring me. It has and hasn’t its difficult at time to still read her say how I’m stalking her and how I keep getting her numbers. This is how she wants her followers to be led on to believe but the truth is she is in fact responsible on her own self for giving me them herself. She mailed me a unnecessary package with miner stuff of mine she still had witch were copies of family photos and a superbowl replica rig that I had given to her and was not asking back for and a not telling me that she wasnt going to after all be replacing my chef knifes that she had stolen from the and hid them and then could not ever find them . She says that she didnt feel she should pay for the replacement seeing as she told me were she heid them and that it’s my falt I’m I could not find them as if that is even true seeing as I would not need to if my stuff was not stolen by her to start with. But any ways then the package also hade her new phone number clearly put on it and this is odd wouldn’t one say if you were being stalked by someone why would you send them a package that cost you money to mail and it have no reson for mailing as nothing was in there that I was asking for back. Other then to send me the letter to why your changing your response to paying me back for my stuff that you said you would when funny enough was whin you gave me your prior phone number you had gotten when you move from my place to new Mexico because I only hade the number you had when you lived with me and it was turned off in October so the only way I could get her phone number in new Mexico could only be from someone who had it that new me and i do not know anyone in new mexico where she is at so then suprises suprises I got her number from here calling me what she called you well thats odd I thought she need to go no contact with you until the universe tells her that she can comunicate with you again. That is what I was told in October when I stop contacting her but then i guess she miss the attention and made it able for me to get ahold of her which i did as she wanted this as she love the attention bing a narcissist this is a why of keeping her sorce if fule supply going for here as well as being able to flip this supply into a sorce for her to gain other sources to feed from for her to continue with her disorder which is one of many. She is bipolar type 2 and has been hospitalized and diagnosed with this by multiple different doctors before she ever meet me. She aslo was recovering meth addict witch she relapsed a few months before meeting me as well . She also stop her meds for her bipolar disorder at this time period just to keep this in mind whin thanking in to fact of her clam to be a twin flame wich is not the case for her no matter how much she wishes is the case for her because she is making this twin flam journey being behind her life problem and is saying she is not bipolar witch is a life long illness and whin left untreated causes such symptoms as paranoia hearing things like voices or thoughts and since of knowing things and having special powers grandiose is what it’s called same ass a narcissist funny because she also has all the same qualities that one would need to make the claim for having that disorder with she has since discovering this disorder has been calling everyone else this that she has issues with lol. I am stupidly not able to just say fuck it and forget her. I’m still worried and still feel and see the sacred sad person that wants to be loved and not be hurt buy love like she has been in her past befor and had caused this problem for trust and love that she has with her know. And I understand her situation and thus its makes me unable to quit love that I’m in with her as well. It the most important person to be and yet the worst person to me at the same end . I’m dumping my thoughts and hart out to you because you are in a position of communicating with here and I’m letting you know some thing about her because I feel itd best if you new this as to being able to used this truth into the things you might be talking about and comparing her words and hopefully being able to use this to guide her on a path for her better health and not one of this twin flam journey wich this guy has never gave a shit about her and is marrying a person he has ben with longer than he new Christina for and he hast shown or ever done anything for her so she is wrong with the twin flam shit and I have prof of this when she thought I was him when she returned a call she had gotten from a number she didnot recognize when she was back in town last December and I got all the info about her real thoughts about if this is real and telepathy communication and everything else and I even called her out on it when I aske why she wanted to replace my kines all of the sudden and send was it because someone else told her to and she told me she was guided by her angels to and that’s why she gave me her number the first time and I told her it wasnt your twin because if it was then you do realize I’m the one your texting not your twin and I appreciate the truth that you have been giving him it has done me wonder with my situation on why I had been abused by you . She was shocked and could not deni what she talked with me as her twin about and she knows in the only person who knows she is not a twin and this has forever ruined my place in her life but I’m still obligated to help her for I’m truly in love and as crazy as it sounds I think if anyone is her twin it’s me and she told her twin to me this lol if things wrent confusing enough. So please think about this when talking to her and if she sounds in trouble give her advice that is not fake and is real advice for helping her out please thanks I’m sure I’m crazy sounding and my bday is 5/17/84 and her favorite number is 77 she keeps sing 717 ????


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