Undeserving of her actions throughout her disgard twords me.

my ex girlfriend is under this belief that I was hiding her things like ID card and chime card and are mail key witch was a replacement one for the original one who she hade lost ironically. She has lied about me throut her disgard for me and has gone on to even try to attempt to blackmail me by treating to email some of my family supposed explicit videos and other things that I never even did.

She came over drunk one night last year in jun at around 330am ponding on my door and was telling me she was there to get some of her belongings as she had moved out. She came to my place at 330 am for a blanket? No she came over to cause a fight to provoke me into hitting her and thereting her and she was recording this on her cell phone as she drunkenly thought I wasn’t aware that she was doing this.

I was blown away with her mind set and tiedt and wanted her to just go away and not wake up my any of the next door neighbors. She forced her self into my trailer and began looking around and trying to insult me into a argument. I told her I wasnt going to deal with you because she was drunk and she had never tried to talk with me about anything about why she was breaking up with me after multiple times of me trying to understand her and what was her issues with the relationship. But she neve could come to talking about it just only saying lies that I was a cheater and texting me all the time that I’m busted and I’m a pice of shit and when asked every time what the hell was she talking about and what proff of any cheating did you have to get you to think that I was doing anything with someone else witch I never did. She never gave or could give any awnsers to this and only went off of her gut filling .

She has no reson to even think I was cheating but her insecurities and trust issues along with her meth use had gotten the best of her and she was unable to understand and see that I never did anything with anyone and allways was were I was at win I was supposed to be at. She instead to force a confession out of me with the idea of her emailing pics of me that were private to us as a couple unless I admit to having cheated on her? As if I wasnt aware she was recording me lol.. I just could not care less anymore about trying to tell her she is wrong in her beliefs of me cheating and so seeing how fucked up and delusional she was I agreed and told her yes I cheated with whome ever you want me to have cheated on you with ok now leave please. She was so excited about her undercover work and was so happy to think that this meant anything about the truth of the matter in withch she is making up! Lol I’m Out of words about what crazy lengths this fat bitch has gone through and did to me about shit she was making up for her decision to break up in the frist place. She went on to write on my trailer door that I’m a cheating rat basterd and slashed my 4tires on my truck and broke my window breaking into my place and stilling my pain medication and my tax paperwork like w2 forms and crap, also a video camera some weed and my chefs knifes for my work she was responsible for losing as well as the emotional Paine and abuse that she put onto me she also stole my cell phone and broke it and stole my atm card and used it she is a horrible person who was evil and all becuse of her losing her ID card ? She’s a lier and a using people who she can manipulate for her benefit. She is not a twin flams and only was forced out of the place she lived and scosheated at because of her meth and attitude problems and was forced to go to new Mexico because she had nowhere and none else to help her .

Why would Christina need to Wright this question to quara about if I could be possible that I’m not cheating but still a narcissist?  Dose she have dought about her gut filling and the fact she is just making this accusations about me with out any evidence or reason to for that matter.  Just dosen’t seem like she knows to much and yet allways so positive that she dose whin she explains her side of the issues.