So why really is Christina Torres blogging about twin flam relationship.

this is a actually text not a fake made up telepathy texts that Christina Torres has to herslf. The text is her twins brother and says they both have told Christina Torres to stop Harassing them and messing them and stop showing up to there house and living notes and stuff animals out front of there house.

Now remember that she and him have never been in a relationship with each other or even been out to eat or even just hangout with each other just the to of them . And the night she went to set up his fire stick is not count because Christina Torres pressured them into getting one so she could use it as her way of finaly getting to interact with them other then at the bar where they work and she stalks him at. Where her plans of trying to fuck him went south for a number of reasons 1 he doesn’t want to fuck Christina Torres and dosnt cheat on his wife especially with Christina Torres. 2 she was putting her self way to out there to fuck and it was making him uncomfortable to have her acting so sluty as she was supposed to be fixing his tv. 3 his golddigging crazy karmic wife came home and took the wind right out of Christina Torres homewrecking attempt to fuck . 🤣🤣🤣

Also keep in mind she was lieing daily about are relationship if she was having thoughts about him and was still living the lie that she was in love with me to wich I was In love with her.

Also she does not give or is able to give a time of whin this actually begins her awakening that’s is withch is avery important key part to the hole twin flame journey is frist meeting becuse she has writing two different scenarios to whin this kikt off and it is supposed to happen at first sight is what if read on about twin flams and the supposed to have feelings as if they known each other and so on.. and she tells that it wasn’t until she showed him a callus she hade gotten from pool practicing witch she was being shown a few things buy him and it was when he touched his hand she says it was when she started having all the issues. ??????WATE WHAT. Hold up so she already had a crush on him then becuse she was being show pool shots buy him for about 1or2 month I’d say well how bought enough to develop a callus on her hand from all the pool she was playing instead of working or looking for employment and she makes clame to work she did for me ?? Tell me you only cook 2 dinners out of 3 years together so dinner wasnt anything she was obligated to do and I recall cooking all the time even after I got home from working 2 jobs were in a cook so I just love to cook whin I get off of work and she is still at the bar . Evey day shed say she be home whin I get home frone work and have a nice day at work and I live you. But never was she home before me or was dinner made or was laundry finished she would take 3 days to do the laundry for just 2 people. She did not have job how help full can she of been when she had washed them then dryrd them buy in bag intinffing to fold at home where she would set them down and not fold them and then the world be wrinkled as you could imagine. No I saw this as lassy and odd behavior. But I’m naive and trusted her that she wasnt going to cheat and this was a wrong decision later on I would come to understand. But I was susucure and my relationship and never said to her this was unfair idea that your doing more work than me because that’s untrue so fuck her in her idea of doing everything and I encourage anyone to sent her or I any questions you have about this situation. She won’t talk to me but I’d love to get to her what she was so much complaining about do is you do ask and she awsers please fill free to sent them and I’ll post them .. its getting late so I’ll make another post getting more into this tomorrow and in the mean time read her blog frist .

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