Telepathy 🙄some truth to conceder about Christina Torres TF journey!

Qurinten !! Let’s see I’f this experience has hade as to impact the fictional writing of Christina Torres twin flame journey that!what?woowoo blog.

🤥 Christina Torres blog lately have been wrote as if she is alowing us to be wintnes to here claim (lie) to having telepathy communication with a person 2 states away. 🤔

No I’m not going to read everything that she and her twin have wrote on the blog. I’ll leave this for you to take a look at so your familiar with the topic. you can come back to read this to get a better opinion on what may or not be accurately happening. So there a lot of reson for not being under the belief that Christina Torres has been successful with the ability to be able to make a historical break throw that some could say would be a bigger break throw for human evolution since fire or the wheel or masterbation.

Now that’s some pretty impressive and important list of achievement break throws that have benefited humans in so many ways. You think she would be on time magazine or all over the tv and internet. About this wonderful newly discovered ability she has made clam to be able to be doing.

Still wondering when she will tell us about when the aliens will make there presents know to us humans on earth.

But surprisingly it has gone unnoticed to people and so why is this? This could mean that she is actually infact not having any telepathy communication with any other human. And would make Clame to her twin flame journey . Become somthing of discrdible to this being a actual experience that she is going through or even the idea in all generality can have and will give some major public relations issues and problems to fix .

Or that Christina Torres is not making this up and has been completely truthful. about all her claims she has been blogging about. So if we are just unsure about how to choose what is the reality of her blogs will need to look at this issue in all different angles to truly get the best idea of this most extraordinary or unfortunate warning signs for a few mental health issues.

So hypothetically were going to look at this as this telepathy is possible and happening.  if she is haning talks with her twin flame then why would she do it and blog about it? Also why does the communication she is having only about Christina Torres and never is he talking to her about anything. That would be of some information to what he has ben actually doing duing his time of speration? It’s as if her twin only speaks as awnser to the topic she is writing about in the blog. With along side her constant reminder for use all about how horny and starved for attention here vagina is . With all her need to tell us she has sexually stimulation from him at ever inappropriate and down right dangerous times . Such as driving or cooking or working with dangerous tools and so on and so forth .

I still fail to understand her need to constantly reinsur us about her what should be a private and personal topic that she is having. As to the importance or relevance to having a impact to this journey? My guess is it gives thes blog somthing sexually erotic to be involved with this journey so people who are interested in erotic fiction are able to have some intereste. Also it brings the ability to make this more funny and uplifting for trying to get a feel about the relationship between these magical twin flames . And to distract the obvious reson that was and should all be asked by anyone reading this . About why is the been nothing that us communicated between the two of them that isnt somthing she is talking about as stuff that they hade did befor she was told she was not welcom around him no longer. She only keep repeating all the interactions with eachother and has begun to repeat herself about the times she was allowed to be in the some room as him. And for someone who has such a deep and undeniable bond with eachother. Doesn’t it seam that she never really had any real personal or even intimate times together. She was “friends ” with this person for 21/2 years. has told every story she can about all the time she had actually hade with this person. She was not busy with anything like focusing on her career or job hunting or did she have any other obligations to stop her and him having more contact and interactions. Besides the times he was at his job and she would continuously force her impact into his day . I don’t even count that as anything more then the obvious answer. She was a regular at the bar and was someone who had made her decision to be at this bar without a invotation or a call wondering where she is if she wasnt able to go there for some reason or another. Sounds like a romantic relationship to me I guess 🥴🤦‍♀️🤥

Now ok let say that her answer is well I’m not going to shere all are talks with eachother as to respect there privacy. Then let’s think and ask well why do you think your two can have telepathy? If you both her on a mission from a higher power and this is a gift or power that you are given. Why or when do you start to right about the mission your her to do or why hasint he talked anything about the mission the tow of you are here to prepare humanity for ? I’m unable to see of recognize anything that’s been useful to the mission your on to make telepathy communication needed. This basically is a breakthrough in compunction and has nothing of importance to humanity and its need for being made aware of what? Christina Torres obsession with sexuality and fantasies that she is overwhelmed with having ? Dose this or has this been of any importance or to anyone reading this that could only of been brought to light from this claim to be telicomniating with a human hundreds of miles away.

Is it time to bust her bobble about this conventions that are written and created buy you alone and your vivid and somewhat perverted imagination!!

Well I could think of all sorts of reasons why this is a hoax and if Christina Torres isn’t aware that she is writing fictional story’s. on her blog about her supposedly truth and True unfiltered story about her journey being a twin flame!

So does this not bring alot of questionable red flags to the credibility of these person Christina Torres!! If her perpus was to help others in this TF experience then does she think they lieing about centen parts of relationship is going to be helpful to others in search for some helpful advice to somthing that could be a major impactful influence on others lifes when coming to your blogs for guidance.

Not only is this bring out multiple red flags to the credibility about TF therory . It makes you have to think ok what else has been told by her that may be misunderstood or flat out lies about her reality. she truly was having and how she was actually behaving and not minchoned in her blogs. And if she could be capable of lieing this much then what are the possibilities to here clames she had made twords this horrible toxic narcissist ex boyfriend? Are we still to believe that she would not in any way make up lies and create fals situations to which were about things I supposedly was doing to her of against her? I have been constantly and truthfully upforoth with all my actions in are relationship and have been able to prove with actual evidence to bake up any of the things I have made against her or about are relationship. I have constantly been asking her to show any proof to any one of her untruths about me of about are relationship and has she been able to provide a single thing that could discreet my credibility or integrity.

This is of actual importance to really take into factor and Christina Torres. She has basically gone on her own two make herself look as likeable and relatable to a bing believed that she was a victim to a toxic relationship with me!?!? It true that are relationship was troubled but toxic enterfearances . But those were not bing put in to are relationship on my part but was the side affect to being a girlfriend who was and is a bipolar disorder. That was ignored by Christina Torres and not properly managed as she wasnt taking her medication or seeing a doctor to talk about here mental health issues as she should of been . She wants to spred lies about physically abuses that was happening in are relationship wich unfortunately and sadly enough was also true. and was apart of the toxic impact to the relationship that was her doing and her violent outbursts. she would have and during here immature and sadistic and narcissistic outbursts she woud become more then her topical verbally abusive and she would become physically abusive. I have not ever in my entire lifetime ever laid my hands or feet on any other person in a violent outbursts or manner. With the exception to growing up with a big brother whom I did have your tippical brotherly fights. And any others childhood acts in sports like pop Warner football or little league baseball and stuff along that line of shit. But as far have I ever be involved in any fights throught my years on high school never and have I ever hade any run ins with the law ever about anything to do with behavior problems ?? Nope never has this been somthing I have any Pryor history of behaving as or even been raised up around ? No never had any violence in my upbringing. So after 32 years I’m going to just start and become a abusive twords my lover? Who for the entire relationship never had any any point of being asked or questioned to her about any of the physically abusive that she speaks to of had been under from the hands of me?? Whe can she find a single person to show any truth about this ridiculous bushit she is misleading others to thinking I’m this horrible toxic narcissist?? Not ever has anything ever anything been something she is actually not manipulating or can show truth to her claims and to show my dishonesty or narcissist behavior issues to anyone?

What do you think Christina  Torres is able to explain why on there different incidents that the 3 pics are from  thought are relationship all have marks on my face I also have bruises on my legs and arms and ass but some of them were from the horrible sex that we were having on a daily basis.    So is my face look like this but Christina Torres disgusting as looks like nothing of any real looks of being physically abusive and more of evidence of you being physically restrained by force which oh s evidence of with the bruises from my hands forcing you to stop your  physical abuse aginst me. 🖕
This is how she looked after her physical abuse tword me over issues that she was making up about me.  Also keep in mind the fact she says after the break up she never love me so what’s her cause for her behavior? It it Kiren your twin is it his issues that hes has manifesting throw you? If so he hits like a bitch and for a person whom is experience in the martial arts of ju do and her background in teykowondoo that together they would of been more successful against my inexperienced ass and not very good with practicing discipline ether fuble fail double mic drop on the twin lames🥋🖕
This is what you look like when you physically abusive truth bitch I only talk about and have evidence to everthing I claim to 🤔🖕
This somthing that looks as I’m a toxic partner or on the other end of the stick of the toxic partner?

Also since she is so open to shear her wild imagination in her blogging let me bring in other factors to think about when puting herself as being in a toxic relationship with someone who was abusive and was cheating on her then theys say hypothetically this actually was her experience in the relationship the why would you continue being in a relationship for one. Two how could you bring your shelf to have sex with this person and to suck his cock and balls and to evean go as nasty enough to eat my asshole out regular throught are karmic relationship was your karmic lesson about buttholes due to your obsession with my asshole and needing to lick my ass hole and test my asshole and well as your fascination with getting your ass hole constantly penetrated with every sexual experience we’ve had ? Dont get me wrong I enjoyed it and hade fun with it all even you attempts with trying to butt fuck my asshole. You were starting to get the feel of how to be able to perform this I must say and yes I am admitting to being into anal stimulation with the male prostate stimulation and I’m also bisexual so you dont have to feel that in ashamed or embarrassed about who I am or anything like that. The people who need to be aware of that where and are anyone else probably has never gave a shit and still doesn’t give a shit.

Any questions about what she was thinking at this time of are relationship?

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