A real true look at the narrscsit as Christina Torres inadvertently exposes her dark passenger. As told by her and explained by the empathic survivor of her last relationship !

Im going to showing you just how unlodgical and unintelligent that the NARCISSUS actually is .

I’m Frist going to start with a quick word from me her ex boyfriend wesley. I know that I must come across as just as of a crazy or emuter person with making a blog about the truth of my relationship with Christina Torres. I am aware of how this looks and how it comes of as to someone who is casual reading things on the internet. But I have been left with only a few ways to deal and heal from the loss of a love that I had treasured dearly . I will give you a back drop of me befor I meet Christina Torres and explain to you a bit of who I am . I’m was 33 when I meet Christina I’ve lived my entire life uptel then having never being in loving romantic relationship I’m my life. I have never felt like I was apart of this journey of life. As long as I could remember if hade always been my biggest obstacle in my life. My way of thinking or understanding things I learned early on were very different from the rest of my peers in school. I was always eager to wanting to understand and learn in school. But it felt as the harder and longer I studied the less I would learn and remember come test time. It was completely frustrating for me because I was trying my best at school and did my homework with the my parents help but yet . Not able to take any thing the were try telling me and used it to pass a single quiz or test. It wasn’t until 1or 2nd gread where this started to be recognizeolbe for that somthing was different about the way I viewed things and processed things in live compared to the other kids amongst me . I am a shy non confontaniol person and have always been this way . I was a very quiet kid never one to ever start a conversation with a stranger in familiar person. As due to this iv always keep my feelings strictly to my self and never let anyone know my fears or issue. For then it would involve talking and eye contact with adults and just the thought of that would drain me just thinking about that bbn not to minchin what it was I would be shearing. If always and tell today still hate eye contact with people of all different categories. As soon as I’m involved in a conversation and it’s a one on one situation like job interview or student teacher meeting. Emaditly I’m overwhelmed with all different types of feelings that I could actually fell like gosse bumps or eye twitching to even my hearing would get lower it seemed as like. If wasnt Intel 6th grad when I switched schools from the christion priveet school to public school on the recommendation of on of my teachers from my first school .she was studying to become a special ed teacher and get her degree in that tyep of field of teaching. She was the only person in all of my 5grads of education to recognize what I have never told a sole to. I was stupid and cant read! Well she didn’t say it in such word but told my parents that I was dyslexic and they were surprised to here and the teacher strongly encouraged my mom to get me out of the priveet school because they did not have any qualified teachers to work with me and she told my mother that public schools are more capable of getting him the resources I’d need to ketch up with my to my perios at school.

This is her Instagram pic of whin we moved into gather . It was her idea she asks if I would want to move in to her app but it was more practical to move into my trailer.


I hate that I love her and hate the fact she made this become as difficult of a separation could be.

She told me she need to be away from me to get herself clean . Yet she hasn’t done anything different from what she is and was doing whin she was here . She still drinks.drugs.fighting.smoking cigarettes. Yet she says she is so much happier. This is not a true happenis but one for use to believe in.

She is still Christina Torres the same women that she has always been nothing new or different. And mark my words give this time and she will gave a whole different attitude and feigned about the people she is still around. They be no longer bothers or BBfs. But narcissist or cheater ex… the key thing is money if she is broke and cant budget her income probably and after her year is over and she has to start paying again and her inheritance money is all but gone .this is when she will be less positive and trust me when she is she will be let go or quit the coffee job and run away somewhere else. She should be smart and find a person to grow old with not this perfect angel boyfriend twin lame Crap .

I whish she would of just killed me but that’s something I would of helped me she wasnt going to have that.

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