ALIENS throughout the Entire universe are in outrage at the planet earth as it continues to make false truths and labels about other life in the universe.   The universe is asking to stop with your vibrations!Your farts are inaoroprat as well is your constant lies about ET and other life . Universe asks you to stop it. we dont care for you . Your all fucked up and clueless on figuring out the way the love and life work.. twinflames,mormons,sciencetolg,5d,jews,and all of the other religions! Stop speaking as we need or care for you or your relationship issues. They are the last thing that is been buzzing throught the universe!!!

Not a single person on your rock Has figured it out yet. You constantly mute the truth in fear of being wrong! Your fascination with this needing to not be wrong it is your eaclesheal and stops your ability to understanding and that you only get a understanding your able to see the guidance that failures is your instructions guide to in lightment. Divine, destiny, Twin flames , solemate,thered eye,awaking,Angel’s,spiritual awareness, isint serveing you Any use if you never see the fail in the belief that is the beliefs you live by are not correct ! Why? You all are in a big damn rush Togo nowhere!!!????

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