Narcissists Claiming To Be Empaths & Three Methods To Uncover The Truth

Narcissists Claiming To Be Empaths & Three Methods To Uncover The Truth

Empathetic person OR a narcissistic person?

Well upon first glance of the pic I would say that its definitely a emotional emature women who is getting some satisfaction with her sad display of choice to communicating her feelings about things. Given the fact my opinion is somewhat compromised by the fact of my history with knowing this person. This little article is a great example and helpful in giving me much more information and insight into the relationship that was happening between her and I. And also has alot of simulartys between her actions and beliefs about her new life path as a spiritual awaken tarot reader,alinen language writer, telepathy communication powers,mind reader, twin flame and writer and conspiracy theorists expert and quara and Instagram and other social media to work as her new supplier for her much need narcissistic supply to keep her convinced that what she is and how she treats and treated others was justified to her and that she isn’t supposed to be held accountable or even awnser to the damage and pain she has put onto others. Week is what this person truly seem to be to me and I feel terrible that she is burdened with the issues that she has . And its troubling to love her and see this person ignoring her mental health and continuing to be afraid of talking about her feelings and thoughts about life and relationships issues with a doctor or with the person she has the issues with. Which are alot of people so I can understand the overwhelming thought of facing the music with that one . So running away and creating a very far out and frankly easy to see miss guided thinking of being somthing more then just herself is not hard to see why this is how she is koping with her emotional pain and mental issues. I hope that this dose some good for her then and dosen’t cause her more problems later on down the line which seems to be the case in my opinion. But what would a dildo know about shit anyway though right .

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