It really resonates to everthing that true about my ex best friend it’s almost uncanny the simulartys between this article and Christina Torres. From here drama suffered in earlier childhood ,like her parents divorcing and being a only child to a single mom whom was overly cautious about her only daughter .as well as a old school nonsense tyep of approach to her monthing skills. As well as her father who remarried and had hade 3 more kids with the new stepmom which Christina seem to not like growing up because she felt that she didn’t consider Christina as a part of there emediot family. And was often left out when they would go on vacation to places like Hawaii and such. Theres another more important event that I will be unable to disclose out of respect for Christina Torres and some things even if we have came from close and loving to her hating and resenting me for her own unhappiness from not being honest and then choosing to piously conflict so much pain scratch that idea. She was molested buy her uncle whin she was 3 or 4 years old is what she would cry about . It horrible and breaks my hart to feel her pain and fell the shem she hade unrightfoly was forced to have done . And the lost of her innocence tooken buy her own family and it being miss handled and and just swept under the rug is a good damn reson for a child to grow up and have issues with trust and abandonment as well as a number of other issues that all link together with narcissism and codependency and combination with her also having bipoler tyep 2 and being a woman this is exactly what make here believe in twin flams the aspect of this other guy is half of her ! And she would never leave or hurt or abuse or mistreat her self and so the guy must also be in the same situation she believes so this is why this relationship is her only love for her because of its underline narcsitisstic approach to twin flame theory. It is so so so clear to see !!! I’m not a professional and cant diagnose her with anything other then bipolar because she is been diagnosed by a doctor for this so that is why I can call her out about being bipolar and it is a life long condition no cure. I understand and love her more then I wanted to and still cant help but feel the pain she has inside her I love Christina Torres I know it may not seem as I do with blogging about her behavior to me and are relationship. But I do but I do understand that she will never expect that I lover for everything that she thinks no one ever could have loved her for. Her narcissism and codependency issue will not allow her to see me as anything other then a threat to her secrets of her life fears.