This just hits home to the twin flame journey of Christina Torres and everthing that her blog is describing her experiences with here life as a self described twin flame.

Answer to Why doesn’t the narcissist realize they’re the problem? by Veronica Welles

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  1. She is incapable so feeling or recognizing the feelings of anyone other then her own. She has no remorse for her actions of cheating and stealing and causing the damage to you and your property. She is not able to understand that she is and was the reason for her feelings of being unhappy with herself when she was with or around you. You were a breath of fresh air for her . When you meet she was attacked by the attention and the affection you had for her . She was lonely and had been without any affection shown twords her. The truth is she did love everthing the was being shown and given twords her. The problem is that unfortunately you were not able to recognize or even think this was even somthing she would be doing. But she never got to actually understand and recognize you as a person or lover . You were just seen as the guy how adores her and give her the attention that she loved. That’s why it seemed so real whin she made all the claims of loveing you and made little notes about what she love about you. That was basically a list for herself and a reminder of all the things you did for her . But never did she ever have a list of things about you that wasnt based on things that where about yourself. She never could see you because this would be somthing that would involve empathy and respect and affection and she is incapable to do any of those things unless it’s in her best interest . So when time went on and the relationship became less new and you started to move out of the honeymoon stage of the relationship . And now all the things that mad you the perfect one for her. Stared to no longer have any of the same effects on her. As now she was starting to recognize you as not the perfect amazing guy she had up on her pedestal. Once she felt this she started degrading and devaluing you and was then at this time she began to make plans to leave you and find a new sorce like the person you were at the start. When she thought she figured this out with twins flame bogues journey that she was reading . And then tried to make a effort and acted out on them and was rejected this caused her to suffer a nearrisstc injury and since she is not capable to except the fact that she was wrong and inappropriate for her actions . She took her anger and blamed her mistakes and missfortion on you and also lied about you abusing her and cheating on her withch . She was infact quilty of herslf doing as well. She is the only person that she is aable to think about and care about. That why she justifies all the stuff wrong and horrible she did because it was your falt that she was not happy and you were at falt to being unhappy witch led to her looking for it from another person which backfired in her face and as agin you are the cause of her pain and loss . She I’d continuing to act and live this way and has not time to think about you and how your feeling are or were because they dont do anything to or for her. Should just wait tell time passes buy and hire a women to punch and beat the shit out of her lol. Sounds great but dont .

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